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دعوة لكل المصريين فى الداخل و الخارج للتطوع و المشاركة فى التنمية


Volunteering has always been the key driver for development in Egypt; the 40's, 50's and 60's witnessed peak efforts on charitable and humanitarian activities, whether they were physical, such as nursing, or financial such as sizable contributions to many socio-economic activities. The emergence of what is now considered the oldest NGO ever “Al-Mahrousa” has been the spark to continue and maintain wide range of activities in Egypt by Egyptians and those who loved Egypt.

Contemporary Egypt, from the 70's onward, enjoyed volunteering efforts that although were broad in magnitude, lacked both integration and a holistic approach. Those efforts were not enough tackle the huge developmental challenges in improving human livelihood sustainably. Pursuing higher magnitude and higher value impact for volunteering engagement and better integrated yet diverse activities, Dr. Laila Iskandar, long time veteran of volunteering and development in Egypt, spearheaded a volunteering agenda in development. This has resulted in the creation of this viable platform for volunteering Hub entitled vHub end of January 2015.

This volunteering Hub responds to four key innovative elements in the development agenda:

Vision: Improved high impact integrated Volunteering performance quality in connection with communities needs/demand.

Mission: Create viable (financially and socially) platform, the vHub, integrating information and knowledge on potential Volunteering Opportunities with skills-based pool.

This covers four main pivots:

1. Integrate the work of Volunteers and Informal Sector's sporadic yet promising activities

2. Focus on Human Centred development of viable projects with viable delivery mechanisms (university linkages as example) that can be easily built as a solution catalyst i.e. from what are the findings to how to go about the way forward in collaboration with community/ies in areas of education improvement etc...

3. Create and brand the vHub and its network of CSOs / NGOs in one Hub inclusive to all activities as a niche for Excellence. Small but viable and high impact initiatives groomed then scaled up.

4. Governance of the Volunteering unit is run at two levels: Policy by NGOs selected and nominated (as board of Policies) and implementation by the vHub organization.

It makes us proud of you to know that your personal pain and struggle will never blind you from the pain of others…..Volunteer with vHub it is for you, nourished by you and will benefit you. Feel the GRACE

Our Programs

A. On going Equitable Livelihood: Urban, solid waste, and socio-economic
B. Ad Hoc and Logistics: Events Management and planning
C. Cross-cutting: youth, gender, capacity building and training
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